A ctors need actions. They cannot “act” adjectives. They need verbs which give them an action to perform. This indispensable companion for actors and directors is a handy, pocket-sized thesaurus of action words to revitalize performance.Long a secret of the acting community are those random lists of action words (in very dog-eared photocopy format) that circulate through rehearsal rooms. This book pulls these vital words together and makes them available for the first time in an organized and comprehensive format.

Actions are active verbs. “I tempt you.” “You taunt me.” In order to perform an action truthfully –and thus convincingly–the actor needs to find exactly the right action to suit a particular situation and a particular line reading. This is where Actions: The Actors’ Thesaurus comes to the rescue.

With a foreword by author and director Terry Johnson.

4 ¾ x 8 ½ in.


Marina Caldarone has been a freelance theatre director since 1984, as well as Associate Director of Theatr Clwyd, resident director at National Theatre studio, and Artistic Director of Queens Theatre, Hornchurch. She has been a radio drama producer since 2000 and an acting coach for television. She is drama director of Crying Out Loud, a voice-over CD production company, and compiles monologue and duologue collections.

Maggie Lloyd-Williams has acted on stage and for television most particularly at the Royal National Theatre and Shakespeare’s Globe.

5 Star Amazon Reviews:

“Perfect! Every actor needs this book.”


“This little book is a valuable resource for any actor. I’ve been teaching acting for years and find Actions: The Actors’ Thesaurus an accessible tool for all actors–student and professional.”

“This book is invaluable to actors who seek to widen the scope and detail of their performance.”

“This book (or its ideas) is essential for an authentic and varied performance. Can be used by actors, musical actors, and singers alike. “

“A must for anyone analyzing a script. if you can’t find the purpose for your actions in the book, try again. The book acts as a reference guide to find the purpose behind saying each line.”

Every actor needs this book!



A must…