F rom the time that the Duchess of Berry entered the sea at Dieppe completely clad in several woollen garments and accompanied by a gentleman in a tailcoat and top hat; to the season when the monokini appears only 150 years had passed. This beautifully illustrated resource starts with the Romans in birthday suits and traces the history of bathing attire up to 1995.

8 ½ x 11 in.


Doretta Davanzo Poli is an art historian and the director of the Library of Fabrics at Palazzo Grassi, Venice. She has been Professor of Textile Arts at the University of Udine and is a visiting professor at the Universita Ca’Foscari in Venice. She has organized 70 exhibitions on fabrics, costumes, and embroideries in Venice, Rome, Berlin, New York, London, and Beijing. Poli is the author of two volumes in The Twentieth Century Histories of Fashion series: Beachwear and Bathing Costume and Maternity Fashion.