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Coming to Terms with Acting defines the terminology used to teach and direct actors. It is a discussion of acting terms and concepts as they are used in classes, workshops, and productions by teachers, coaches, and directors. Stemming from a need to unify the jargon to eliminate confusion to students, Coming to Terms with Acting provides an accessible overview in glossary format.

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Doug Moston was a member director of the Playwrights/Directors Unit of The Actors Studio and served on the Blue Ribbon Panel of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences which selected best actor, director, and show for the Emmy Awards.  He taught acting in New York where he was Artistic Director of Drama Project.

“Like all professions, acting has its own special vocabulary. Its terminology continues to evolve, and with this book, actors, students, directors, and playwrights will have access to clear definitions of the words and phrases they will need to know and use regularly. Everything from accents and dialects to verse technique is defined. A single sentence followed by a detailed explanation, often with an example, comprises each entry. Selected words appearing in capital letters are cross references to their own definitions in the book. This highly useful reference book will be of value to anyone interested in drama.”
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Buy it. Read it. Love it.

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