C ostume Design Graphics is a “draw along” book that addresses the mechanical techniques of figure drawing using proportion, doll, and loop methods and employs visual figure interpretation. Illustrated with a step-by-step process, it also provides a solid philosophy in communication of character through the initial nude sketch. The book presents the fabrication sketch techniques needed to clothe the figure and complete the costume design in pencil—including a study in fabric hang, drape, and line communication. The step-by-step process allows the reader the opportunity to see the developing stages and the thought process of communicating the final costume design.

The book includes valuable examples of drawing techniques, informational visuals such as figure proportions for the male and female body types of all ages, and a section of adapting contemporary shapes for period proportions.

8 ½ x 11 in.


Rory Scanlon is a long time faculty member at Brigham Young University. His professional credits include television productions with such companies as Hasbro, General Foods, and Disney. Not many designers can claim that they have designed costumes for Mr. Kool-Aid! His theatre projects include a scenic design for the Utah Sesquicentennial project Barefoot to Zion and design work for Tuacahn for their Disney series. Scanlon’s research area is Old Testament and Book of Mormon clothing.

Amazon Reviews:

“Excellent Book: this is a great book for teaching the beginning designer figure drawing. It goes step by step through the process, then explains variations. I strongly recommend it.”

“A life saver!  Before this book I barely felt comfortable drawing stick figures, but now I feel confident and proud of my costume sketches! This book teaches you the essentials, and still leaves room for you to develop your own style. It is a must for artists and non-artists alike!”

Excellent book!

A life saver!