W hether you are a designer for theatre, film, television, or fashion, Digital Costume Design & Rendering will help you master digital tools to increase productivity and creativity. Using Corel Painter or Adobe Photoshop, author Annie Cleveland’s years of professional experience as a costume designer and a teacher will quickly immerse you in the world of digital costume design. This definitive, how-to guide takes you from the basics of opening the program and exploring the workspace to working with color and layers. Selections and transformations are followed by working with patterns and then it’s on to the finishing touches for your final design. Included is a unique chapter on digital makeup design to complete your work. Renowned Broadway designer and costume professor, Carrie Robbins—one of the earliest adopters of digital techniques in her work—provides an insightful foreword. Written for both Corel Painter X3 and Photoshop CS6/Creative Cloud. If you are a working designer looking to expand your skill set and become more productive, or if you are looking for ways to design a gallery of figure and body types to help your work go faster, this book is for you. If you are a teacher with a class of 21st century, digitally savvy design students, or, if you are a student on the rise looking to pack your skills toolbox with all the right stuff, this book is for you.

7 ¼ x 9 ¼ in.


Annie O. Cleveland served for 17 years as a tenured Associate Professor and the resident costume designer for the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance at Colorado State University before relocating to the Los Angeles area where she taught and designed productions at California State University Northridge. Since 1994 her primary area of research has been integrating digital design into the process of costume design, and in 2009 she received a Fulbright grant to teach Computer Aided Costume Design at National Taiwan University.

5 Star Amazon Reviews:

”This is an amazing book! If you are a costume or fashion designer who wants to learn to render on a computer, this is a wonderful text. It focuses on Corel Painter, but also talks about Photoshop as well. There are tips and tricks about rendering costume sketches, making patterns, shading, lots of tips on how to get things done fast &make your renderings very professional looking. In the live theatre world Costume designers are always pressed for time and quick turnaround. Cleveland’stext is extremely at teaching how to render Costume designs on the computer in a logical, user friendly way. This book is so worth the money.”

“I have been in the costume industry for over 25 years. This book includes a vast amount of information in an easy step by step format. It makes navigating Corel Painter so much easier than I ever imagined. I also took Annie’s Master Class on Digital Rendering that uses this book as a reference guide.”

“I highly recommend this book for students as well professionals in costume and scenic design. My focus of work is now on creating embossing patterns for trims, appliqués, and textiles. This book has helped me cut the time it takes to develop a pattern easily in half.”

“Buy two! Keep one and give one as a gift! Perfect for a “classically” trained fashion designer, who needs guidance on the technical computer aspects required for today’s costume design. Talk about form and function! This book is a must, for all who demand to bring their design savvy to the next level.”

“An amazing book…so worth the money.”

“Vast amount of information in an easy step by step format.”

“A must for all who demand to bring their design savvy to the next level.”