T his extraordinary collection of drawings, patterns photographs, and details of clothing and costume for both men and women covers the period of 1560 to 1620. While this is the third in Janet Arnold’s ground breaking series Patterns of Fashion it in fact covers an earlier period that the previous two volumes: Patterns of Fashion 1 (1660-1860) and Patterns of Fashion 2 (1860-1940)

Patterns 1560-1620 includes an amazing 300 black and white photographs ranging from portraits of the period to real garment detail.

Significantly this is the first of Arnold’s books to include patterns for men’s clothing in that all important Elizabeth 1/James 1 period. Once again an extraordinary accomplishment by an extraordinary costume historian and researcher, Janet Arnold.

300 black and white photos. 52 patterns.

14 x 11 in.


Janet Arnold (1932-1998) was a dress historian, artist, fashion designer and teacher who pioneered research into the cut and construction of clothes from the 16th to the early 20th century. Her studies revealed invaluable information on the clothing of the past, and her publications on the sartorial details and patterns of historical dress continue to have a profound impact on many disciplines and institutions, academic and creative. Her patterns and drawings remain a primary source for designers of costume for the stage, film and television, and her research proves indispensable to art historians interpreting portraiture and genre painting, as well as to conservators for the physical analysis and identification of surviving dress. For over a decade, Janet Arnold collaborated with the conservation department of Palazzo Pitti’s Galleria del Costume in Florence, contributing her expertise on historical dress. There she actively participated in the lengthy and difficult process of documenting and conserving the 16th century burial clothes from the Medici tombs, writing several publications and giving many lectures about the project. Her books are essential tools for the study of dress and have been used throughout the world.

Amazon Reviews:

“A must-have book for any 16th century costumer: Once again, Janet Arnold has firmly reinforced her position at the top of the world of historical costume research. Housed within the pages of this book is some of the most invaluable research in the field of 16th century costuming. The information within this book is priceless and for any die-hard 16th century enthusiast, it is perhaps the best book available on the subject.”

“The Bible: This book would have to be described as “the bible” of late 16th century costuming. It is a goldmine for anyone interested in the actual creation of garments of the period.
I would not be without my copy.”

“A classic work; required reading for every historic costumer.”

“Five Stars: An amazing resource filled with detailed pictures and explanations. A must have!”

“This is a costumer’s bible. All the detail that will make or break a historical piece. It has wonderful background information and documentation as well as clear drawings and notes. “

A classic work; required reading for every historic costumer.

A must-have book for any 16th century costumer.