B ring the Regency period to life with 26 beautiful and historically accurate patterns of gowns, jackets and spencers, ball dresses and other clothing of the era.

This stunning collection will both guide and inspire any costume maker, whether you are channelling your inner Jane Austen in demure morning dress or are the belle of the ball in a sumptuous evening gown.

Every pattern is drawn to scale from existing Regency garments that have not been previously documented and, in some cases, never displayed before. Detailed descriptions and photography give an invaluable insight into making these period pieces.

9 x 11 in.


Cassidy Percoco is the Collections Manager at the St. Lawrence County Historical Association in New York. She has assisted with fashion exhibitions at the Albany Institute of History and Art in New York and earned her Master of Arts degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Amazon Review:

“Amazing Regency Fashion Resource. Lots of patterns and images! Most costuming books feature a wide range of time from mid-1700s to mid-1800s. And that is ok, but this book focuses on the singular period that is commonly referred to as Empire, Regency, Federal, Directoire, Georgian among others.”

“Excellent resource and reference book for costumers and writers interested in Regency fashion.
Percoco provides definitions, descriptions and detailed color photos showing garment construction.”

“An indispensable reference for Regency costumers.”

“Awesome. With complete, detailed patterns for every garment type you will ever need to re-create a Regency wardrobe (shifts, 2 styles of stays, day dresses, evening dresses, outerwear and more), this book fills in gaps in the previous publications of this type in so many ways. Previous books might give you one or two gowns of this type, maybe a set of stays, but never the in-depth information offered here on construction – this book was clearly written with re-creation in mind.”

Amazing Regency Fashion Resource.

An indispensable reference for Regency costumers.

Awesome. With complete, detailed patterns for every garment type.