A world history of the handkerchief from 1000 BC to 1990.

8 ½ x 11 in.


Paolo Peri a specialist in costumes and textiles had served as director of the Art and History Foundation of Florence and Pistoia and is responsible for the costume and textile collections of the Bargello in Florence.  He is the author of The Twentieth Century Histories of Fashion volume on The Handkerchief.

Amazon Reviews:

“This little (135 pages) book must surely be the definitive resource for anyone interested in the history of the handkerchief. Originally published in Italy in 1992, it was recently translated into English and republished in this country. Owing to its Italian origins, there is a lot of information here pertaining to European handkerchiefs of the pre-1900 vintage. Only when we get to the 1920s or so do we get into American-made handkerchiefs.”

“The book is filled with color photographs of hankies, and the lace hanky photos are some of the best I’ve seen.  It is possible that there is another book out there on this subject, but certainly none as exhaustive a study as this one is.”

The definitive resource