T he Work of an Actor delivers a wealth of clear, detailed instructions and inspiration for giving unforgettably captivating performances for actors of all levels. With more than 20 years of experience in acting, coaching, and directing, Michael Woolson not only shares the essential foundation and mechanics of acting in a clear and concise manner, but he also demystifies things like sitcom technique, how to play a killer, creating authentic fear, making sense of bad direction, how to audition effectively, and building layered character work. Plus, he introduces the most extensive chapter ever written on how to give believable drug-induced performances without drugs. Additionally he includes a list of great dialect work to be found in films that can be used as research.

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Michael Woolson has worked with thousands of actors from talented up-and-comers to award-winning actors. He is a respected acting coaches in Los Angeles where he founded The Michael Woolson Studio in 1998. He recently coached Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld for the Coen brother’s True Grit.

“Michael has an amazing ability to bring out emotional depth and honesty in any actor. He gives them a solid technique to create brave, multi-layered performances that stand out from the rest. As a casting director, that’s exactly what I look for. This book is the how-to for those performances.”
—Johanna Ray, casting director Inglourious Basterds

“Michael Woolson has proven himself to be the go-to coach for actors who are serious about their craft. He’s able to evoke powerfully authentic performances and bring out emotions required for a scene that might otherwise be difficult to tap.”
—Noela Hueso, The Hollywood Reporter

Ultimate Actor’s Companion!

If you could only have one book on acting…

Make space for this one. Michael Woolson's book is a keeper.